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1, the Chinese two thousand years of history, sedimentation of the rich traditional culture, but its core idea is this:

Benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, the letter.

Of which: Jen: include loyalty, filial piety, and tolerance. Pairs of countries, nations, peoples and organizations (the party) loyalty to a firm belief that an older relative's filial piety to parents, love, the care of young junior training.

Yi: national, state, group organization knows what to do and give up and sacrifice their personal interests.

Li: ritual order, interpersonal, behavioral themselves in society in accordance with convention, in accordance with legal regulations.

Chi: wisdom, continuous learning and practice, with the times, learn advanced concepts and methods of thinking, and practice, constant innovation and development to enhance their own qualities and skills.

Letter: faith, for others a sincere and frank with emphasis on integrity, keep its promise.

2, under the conditions of the socialist market economy, corporate profits in order to create wealth, the first principle, the staff's requests to the actual post for competence and performance and performance-oriented and the contribution of enterprises and the size of the team as a payment of remuneration and award criteria.

3, faithfully reflects the degree of recognition of the enterprise will always be the first place. The work reflects the attitude of work hard, capable of reflecting the level of working ability, between the two different positions, reflecting a different period of development of enterprises demand for talent. Business start-up phase needs: Loyalty - work hard - and capable; Enterprise high-speed development period requires: loyalty - and capable - work hard; businesses in transition, the need for: Loyalty - work hard - and capable.

4, capable person who does not necessarily work hard, who refused to dry, then the role of competent is not much, and sometimes even counter-productive, resulting in negative effects. People who work hard are not necessarily competent, but as long as he continued to adhere to work hard, keep focused, we firmly believe that sooner or later one day, he would the city for the competent person.

5, there are educated and knowledgeable people, if refuses to do, it would not be a competent, but lack the knowledge, low-educated people, as long as he work hard, but also to adhere to work hard in the practice of continuously learn, explore, he eventually will become a knowledgeable, practical experience of experts.

6, enterprises should focus on training those loyal people who work hard, but also promote those who have been proved to be loyal and capable person and put them into the right positions, mobilize their enthusiasm and long form and enable them to work hard. Only in this way will be competent and work hard to make good use of people, enterprises will have a more beautiful tomorrow.

7, enterprises with good people who work hard, businesses will be solid as a rock, corporate good use of talented people, enterprises will leapfrog development. People who work hard to use lower cost, with capable people, high cost.

8, some enterprises prefer to use "horse race mechanism" for selecting and employing people. Ma has since been tamed, they become a faithful friend of mankind, therefore the people as a Malay race, first affirmed the horse - people's loyalty and work hard, and then race may be the ability - be able to do.

A, loyalty: - corporate identity reflects the degree of

In the enterprise is mainly manifested in:

1, the four companies agree:

1.1, agree with company's core values;

1.2, agree with the purpose of enterprises and the basic idea;

1.3, identity enterprise development strategies;

1.4, enterprise identity management model;

2, in relation to individual, team and inter-enterprise relations, can stand the overall development of enterprises and long-term development of the position, to maintain the overall interests of enterprises and brand reputation, able to make personal sacrifices of concessions and benefits to make the team concessions and interests of the sacrifice.

3, in good faith frank: the customer, to superiors, to the same level, for subordinates, respect for respect, frank and friendly, courteous, be of mutual respect, not double face, a face to face, behind a set.

4, courage and violated or endangered the interests and reputation of the enterprise or group of people and things, to criticize and stopped.

Second, work hard: - reflect the attitude of the work

In the enterprise is mainly manifested in:

1, and always be able to maintain a strong passion and enthusiasm for the work;

2, are engaged in the work has a strong professional interest;

3, has voluntarily, hard-working professionalism;

4, with a realistic, down-a hard-working spirit;

5, the face of difficulties setbacks, perseverance and never give up and retreat of the spirit of progress.

3, capable: - reflect the level of working ability

In the enterprise is mainly manifested in:


1, for the operation of state enterprises and the team can look at a historical point of view of development issues, and constantly explore environmental change in the market under the new growth point, continuing to explore the contribution in enhancing the enterprise value of the ways and means to continuously pursue the embodiment of the team and to enhance self-worth.

2, can be objective and dialectical understanding and analysis of business and the environment in which the team and facing problems.

3, can effectively propose solutions to problems in business and the team a variety of ideas, methods, recommendations and opinions, plans, programs.

4, through the phased work, can be continuously analyzed and summarized, to extract the right management systems, technological processes, workflow, etc. suggestions for improvement and measures, and achieve significant performance.

5, through effective communication, continuous collision new thinking, ideas, innovative, and where to develop their own team. To promote the contribution of the enterprise value of the team.

6, can continue to practice at work, learn and absorb new knowledge, methods, ideas and thinking in order to enhance their overall quality and competent work force, and continuously enhance the value of the team's contribution and influence.

7, with one or more unique expertise and strengths, and has become an expertise and specialty areas, in teams and businesses, industry experts.

Learn the art of leadership, learn to appreciate the staff;

Learn to create an excellent team work environment and atmosphere;

Institute of inclusion, learning motivation;

Institute found that the strengths of others and learn to timely recognition and affirmation;

Society and subordinates equality, mutual respect;

Learn to communicate and guide, in the effective communication and guidance of the staff to conduct self-correcting and upgrading;

Learn to wait, to wait for employees to grow and to grow together with the staff;

Institute for Enterprise Culture constant visual, concrete, people-oriented, event-oriented, lively-oriented;

Learn to make a specific corporate culture and image to Publicizing vivid, so that employees know what to do and what should not be; how to do it right, do wrong; to do the right thing will be what kind of recognition and rewards, error will lead to what results and punishment;

Society and the staff to tide over difficulties with the wind and rain Share;

Learn to copy and Chuan-cheng, will be a good point of view of thinking and practice 11 patient transfer, and continue to consolidate and curing - customary, statutory, ideas of

Only in this way, enterprises can continue to attract, the presence of people, enhance the people, the development of human talent in order to feel at ease, in order to inspire enthusiasm and passion in order to continue to focus on in order to continuously generate intelligence for enterprises to create new and greater value, ultimate realization of common development of human resources and enterprise.

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