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The precise positioning of Denver power battery market segments
Updated:2016-3-19  Click:7912

Since March 1st, sponsored by the "2016 engineering lithium lithium engineering supply chain product national tour officially opened. The interpretation of the new demand for new ideas and new changes, the power battery enterprises under 2 times through the tour survey form.

On March 10, Tour team visited the Zhuo new energy and Hai Ying technology and research power battery market operation and supply chain demand, hi tech era, Zhejiang Lingzhi, Shanghai Jun Yi, Han's laser, Long Hao, soda Huicheng, platinum natters as number ten more than equipment and materials suppliers and two enterprise technology and procurement responsible person conducted in-depth communication docking.
Zhuo new energy was founded in 2011, mainly the production of 18650 battery, the product application points for digital (mobile power supply, laptop battery, power battery (electric bicycle, electric tools, power battery (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, energy storage).

18650 battery in the field of traditional 3C is declining, Huang Guowen, digital product life cycle probably in about five years, with the gradual increase of cell phone battery, mobile power market demand has begun to decline, in this context, Zhuo is looking for new market growth, LED lamp power is currently a development direction.

"As a leading 18650 battery business, Zhuo in the search for long-term survival, are boosting the high consistency of 18650 battery power battery market in the future development and application. Huang Guowen, software conditions of advanced hardware equipment, excellent, high-end product positioning is Zhuo in the move towards high-end market of the three security.

For the selection of the technical route of power battery, Zhuo judgment, according to the energy density, cost control, after-sales maintenance aspects of the comprehensive advantages will determine 18650 batteries in electric vehicles, especially in the field of micro electric vehicle market share will be more and more.

Hai Ying Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, main products for high rate lithium battery and cover the application of portable electronic devices, new energy vehicles start power, to start a motorcycle, aerial no man-machine and many other fields.

Sea profit technology currently capacity 200 thousand Ah/, this year will be extended production, is expected by the end of the year to 500 thousand Ah/. Company since its inception, pay attention to the accumulation of intellectual property rights and core technology, the establishment of a research and development center and the size of 60 people R & D team, 2008 also approved the establishment of post doctoral workstations, for the company's sustainable development provides a strong guarantee.

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