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Rational view of the raw material price trend
Updated:2016-3-19  Click:8758

Since the rapid development of 2015 new energy vehicle market, battery power supply, the upstream raw material of lithium carbonate supply is quite tight, prices rose more than 300%. In 2016, the new energy automotive market will continue the trend of rapid development last year, the price of lithium carbonate is the imbalance between supply and demand increased, whether the price to rise further, the industry become the topic of common concern.

From the period after the Spring Festival, according to the relevant data show, lithium carbonate relative to prices before the holiday is temporarily stable, battery grade lithium carbonate price has reached 16 million yuan / ton, the price as high as 17-18 million yuan / ton; industrial grade lithium carbonate price has reached 11-13 million yuan / ton, the price 13-15 million yuan / ton.

Engineering production and research lithium battery research institute (GGII) analyst Xiao Bing Gao pointed out, the rapid development of new energy vehicles driven by the lithium battery materials, equipment, power battery investment expansion and growth in orders, it is expected that this expansion tide will continue until the end of the year. And directly caused by the supply and demand imbalance including lithium lithium carbonate, lithium hexafluorophosphate and other raw materials prices rose and scarce supply situation will continue until mid-2016.

In view of the downstream market demand remains strong, 2016 year lithium carbonate market supply is tight, prices have continue to blunt high, said lithium resources association secretary general Jiang Feng Zhang in GGII, Changjiang Securities jointly held the new energy automotive investment strategy.
It is worth mentioning is that recently fluoride (002407) in the research of institutional investors, said is expected to 2016 lithium carbonate prices will remain at a high and stable level, but lithium carbonate price rise caused by electrolyte prices, the rise of the company has little effect.

Sunwoda (300207) also said in an interactive platform, the price of lithium carbonate had no effect on the profitability of company products. Lithium carbonate is a material used in the upstream core enterprise company, due to the role of price conduction, companies on the one hand will rise in the price of lithium carbonate by electric core costs brought by the cost of downstream enterprises. At the same time, relationship between electric core prices and many kinds of material costs, as well as determined by market supply and demand, so the company's products did not affect the basic level of profitability.

The improvement of the rise of price of lithium carbonate, gross profit, is to stimulate the expansion of lithium technology breakthrough and related business, of course, some enterprise project also due to not be amounted to in the technology or other objective reasons.

Recently, there was news that Qinghai Province to start the implementation of the provincial major scientific and technological special "extraction method from million ton battery grade lithium carbonate key technology research and industrialization demonstration" and provincial science and technology achievement transformation project "West taijnar Lake membrane method preparation of battery grade lithium carbonate research and industrialization demonstration" two from salt lake brine extraction battery grade lithium carbonate is a major research topic based on the funding of $11.4 million, driven by social investment 6 billion yuan.

Strive to by researchers for about two years of technical research, open extraction and membrane method two preparation of battery grade lithium carbonate process, built 3 million tons of lithium carbonate and 1 million tons of boric acid production scale, expected added value of 30 billion yuan.
The following is the progress of lithium carbonate business recently 8 companies disclosed the situation:

Tianqi lithium industry base: Shehong Zhangjiagang base full production capacity utilization of about
Tian Qi Li industry (002466) said in an interactive platform, the company orders plenty of lithium carbonate products. In view of the current tight supply of lithium carbonate products, the company is actively to Zhangjiagang base transformation, and strive to production as soon as possible.

Days Qi Li industry also said that the company base of Shehong lithium carbonate production capacity of 1.05 million tons / year, at present full load production; Ltd. Zhangjiagang base in the original design capacity of lithium carbonate for 1.7 million tons / year, at present capacity utilization rate of about 60%, two bases of lithium carbonate were the battery grade mainly.

Tibet mining industry: the two phase of the project design capacity of 5000 tons of lithium carbonate
At present, Tibet mining (000762) main chromite, copper, gold, lithium and boron resources exploitation and deep processing. Tibet mining industry, said the company's silver Jabu two projects into the design of the project put into operation in the design capacity of 5000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate. The company main products according to the market sales price of lithium salt, lithium carbonate at present almost no inventory.

Recently, Tibet mining (000762) is also an interactive platform, said Jabu, the production of lithium concentrate will not stop, but the winter weather has a certain impact on the production and living conditions of the mining area.

Steyr: has a number of customers to provide pre sales of lithium carbonate samples
Steyr (000760) power shares of limited company is Hubei Province large auto parts production enterprises, production and sales ranked the forefront of the axle gear industry, Dongfeng Automobile (600006) member of the group, Hubei Province machinery industry key enterprises.
Steyr in an interactive platform for investor relations, said seize lithium carbonate demand rapid growth of market opportunity, Hanson financial lithium industry (Steyr and Hanson molten lithium industry signed a cooperation agreement) to seize the opportunity, has a number of customers to provide the sample of lithium carbonate for pre sales, for 2016 1.8 million tons of lithium carbonate project put into operation after the market open up to prepare.

Saline Lake shares: lithium carbonate plant or 4-5 month production
Saline Lake shares (000792), located in Golmud City, Qinghai Province, is China's largest potash fertilizer production base for the production, management, scientific research, integrated development as one of the large-scale, modern potash fertilizer production enterprises. In terms of lithium carbonate business, recently said the Saline Lake shares have been supported by the financial aid form lithium carbonate project.

About lithium carbonate device can be started as soon as possible with the temperature rise

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