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The lithium industry 7 things you should know
Updated:2016-3-19  Click:8327

1, in order to award on behalf of what power battery companies will benefit
February 24, premier of the State Council in business meetings proposed further support the development of new energy vehicles, to promote the industry towards high-end, "Five" an important measure, determine the central government adopted in order to award on behalf of the compensation modes, according to the battery performance, sales and other indicators of enterprise reward. The policy of the state finance to support the power battery enterprise has been encouraged by the industry.
State subsidies and support policies from the vehicle gradually extended to parts and components, to promote collaborative development and resource integration of the whole new energy automotive industry is of great benefit.

Poke this view, in order to award on behalf of the Chinese power battery enterprise policy to boost the details of the focus of attention

In fact, in the performance of the company's products and sales as a reward standard show that and not all the power battery enterprises are able to enjoy the dividends of this. There are only a handful of really have the strength of enterprises to come to the fore. BYD CTO Liu Weiping said that the policy to support training of outstanding national enterprises, for the development of China's power battery industry is a great positive and accelerate the differentiation of power battery industry reshuffle, industry to promote the survival of the fittest.

In addition, and battery companies through the new energy vehicles indirect subsidies different, the award on behalf of compensation incentives for battery enterprises gain more initiative, but also forced battery enterprise technical innovation and improve the quality.

2, GREE cross-border new energy vehicles
"Miss Dong to cars!" This week, GREE through the acquisition of new energy vehicles to enter the news in the circle of friends crazy forwarded WeChat.
March 6th evening, GREE electric (000651) announced that the proposed issue of shares to buy assets, the underlying company for the Zhuhai silver long new energy Co., ltd.. This is just within a week, third listing Corporation involved in the new energy automotive industry chain and mergers and acquisitions. Previously, long letter Technology (300088) and (300116) respectively, Jian Rui fire announced the proposed acquisition of Beek and waltmal battery.
Listed companies and the capital of the intention is very obvious, in the traditional manufacturing industry profits decline at the same time, transformation and upgrading of enterprises has become the inevitable choice, through mergers and purchase catch the fast lane of the rapid development of new energy vehicles has become listed company strategic transformation of the "shortcut". And power battery business seems to have in homeopathy, based on market demand, with the help of the power of capital, realize the rapid occupation of the production scale of the promotion and market share, with called is mutually beneficial and win-win.

Poke this view, the new energy vehicles GREE cross-border why the subject is silver long new energy? "
To attempt to enter the domain of car of new energy resources of Gree by way of mergers and acquisitions, the choice of an industrial chain layout intact and has its own characteristics of the enterprise as the breakthrough point, is the most ideal choice, and silver long new energy just to meet this demand.
"After years of silence, in the face of soaring market demand, power battery production scale and quality are unable to meet, and rapid ascension requires large amounts of capital investment, which is the direct motive force of power battery enterprises choice and capital docking. Shandong Hengyu general manager Chen Guangsen also hold this view. In his view, power battery companies are ushered in the best time for the valuation of capital, which means that more capital and mergers and acquisitions will continue to be staged.

3, lithium carbonate price trends forecast
"In view of the downstream market demand remains strong, 2016 year lithium carbonate market supply is tight, prices have continue to blunt as high as possible." This week, in the high tech research and development of the Yangtze River Securities Investment Strategy of new energy vehicles, lithium resources association, said Zhang Jiangfeng, Secretary general.
Lithium carbonate prices rise, the increase in gross profit, is stimulating the breakthrough in lithium extraction technology and related business expansion, the high tech lithium power grid to sort out the layout of the 8 lithium companies in the country.

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