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After-sales service

1. You are receiving this Division within one week of goods, such as have any dissatisfied with our products can be unconditionally Returns within 3 months of free replacement if there is quality of new products, 1 year quality assurance.

2. The user in normal circumstances the use of quality problems arise, in the shelf-life period, please get in touch fast with our company in order to facilitate users to receive timely maintenance and replacement.

3. Now the following situation can not be returned to enjoy my company promises.

A. Product had been the non-normal use.

B. The non-normal circumstances, storage, wet.

C. Unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse and changes.

D. Of food and liquid splash caused damage.

E. Product of the normal wear and tear.

F. Beyond the shelf-life.

   Special Note: As the photos show the reasons, can not guarantee that the product page shows the actual color of the color and product exactly the same, I will try to explain.

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